Ron Miller’s World Publishing provides high-quality nonfiction, from personal finance to intellectual spirituality, theology and self-help titles.

In early 2011, Dr. Ronald H. Miller conceived EB Publishers in order to self-publish what would become his final two books: Unpacking the Parables and William James’ Revolution. Exactly one month before his unexpected passing in May 2011, Ron wrote the following in an email to his son:

“I’ve been thinking about [my own] publishing company. I think it can prove to be valuable in its own small way in bringing some important texts to the market… I’d like this publishing venture to go on when I die.”

And so it became when Ron’s son republished his father’s Wisdom of the Carpenter book in late 2011 under the updated moniker, Ron Miller’s World Publishing. Since that time, the publishing company has expanded selectively and in accordance with Ron’s wishes. The most fundamental element of Ron Miller’s World Publishing is that each book be one that Ron would have supported and cherished. To learn more about Ron, visit his official website by clicking here.